Sweatshop Science

by Gentleman Loser

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Sweatshop Science is the our new EP, and the most straight-up industrial-sounding record to date. Four tracks, dealing with personal and social subjects that we certainly have all heard before, but this time given the mutant Gentleman Loser spin. These tracks have been in the making for a few years now via collaboration over the internet between the two main members of Gentleman Loser, Josh Killcrop, and Morey Anonymous.

This album was originally going to be released as an 8 track album. It will now be released as a 4-Track EP. The remaining other 4 tracks will come out sometime around the end of April as our next EP "Zeros." The record was split into two EPs not just because half the tracks just aren't quite ready for primetime yet, but also by emergent design. As the album moved closer to completion, it became apparent that certain stylistic patterns in the music and the lyrics began dividing the songs into Column A and Column B. Combining these factors with the album's original intent to just be an EP (though, admittedly, originally, a 5-Track one), it just seemed like the best thing to do. Also, that means we got to do more cover art design, which is fun!

This EP, along with the upcoming "Zeros" EP and along with last year's "Fifthsun" EP go together to make a full (like 70 minute long full) album (the proper reordering of the tracklisting I will share on some other day after "Zeros" is released). Though it doesn't end there. We plan (and there is no timetable for this plan mind you, it could take several months or several years) to create two more EPs at some point, each on our own, that can be played ON TOP OF "Sweatshop Science" or as standalone pieces, or, if you wish, crossfaded in and out.

M. Anonymous will work out something more acoustic/natural sounding, while J. Killcrop will do something spaced out and ambient. The overlay EPs will follow the same BPM, key and song structure as "Sweatshop Science", and will likely be titled "Pseudoscience" and "Superscience." We have been talking about doing something like this for years.

In the meantime, we hope you enjoy this album.


released February 14, 2015

J. Killcrop - Synth/Vox
M. Anonymous - Guitar
B. Wold - Backup Vox




Gentleman Loser Madison, Wisconsin

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Track Name: Take Me Down
It's not what you feel but what your see
Take me down
Perpetuating it by degrees
Take me down
Yes I see what it does to me
Take me down
It's not a place that I want to be
Take me down

Try to make them realize dysfunction that is real
Every step I take just begs to be denied
So hard to see it through the nothing that I feel
Hard numb hands without the will to be of use

Lifes hard enough with pain like that
Three steps forward, four steps back
Every breath could be your last
But exhaustion enough to make you crack
Your friends and family all agree
That time and chance is theirs to see
Some drag you down, some set you free
Very few leave it up to me

Every plan's not good enough
Take me down
Always room to cheat or lie or bluff
Take me down
Once more into the black
Take me down
I'm never coming back
Take me down

Every hard-won cheap success I've never kept as mine
Cumulative, to far ahead to see the tide
Spin the old punchline until it twists to my design
Change will happen with or without my own will

Around every corner the unknown lies
Benefits often wear disguise
Lessons learned from those I despise
From the oldest lows to the riches highs
What you fear the most can be our guide
Codes and sigils to be implied
Past mistakes I'll cast aside
Emboldened by things once left aside

On the mend ready to attack
Take me down
Premeditate rather than react
Take me down
Razor sharp and carbon black
Take me down
I'm never looking back
Take me down
Track Name: We Are Patient Zero
Verse 1:
We are patient zero/Fuck it all away
We are patient zero/A Social Disease
We are patient zero/A deadly game we play
We are patient zero/Begging for it please

Drinking lost it's thrill
Then smoking lost it;s thrill
Then art lost it's thrill
Then life lost it's thrill

Exploit it/Consume it/Throw it away
We are patient zero/Command and obey

Verse 2:
We are patient zero/There's a plastic island
We are patient zero/In the North Pacific
We are patient zero/We could move there
We are patient zero/Bring more junk to fill it

Worshipping bureaucracy
Tangled like a twisted tree
A gilded fetish what you need
It's hollow
A pale man with a painted face
Sells you food with cardboard base
Tells you that you love the taste
It's hollow
I want to be king
Fat and starving
Drugged and dieing
It's hollow 4x
Track Name: Shopping and Fucking
On Sale / Buy Now / Get Fucked / Ask How

You want it / You need it

Everything goes

Will you try it?
Will you buy it?
Will you take it?
Will you break it?

Everything must go away
Track Name: Splayed Out/Played Out
Verse 1:
Forgiveness...running to self-seduction
Bear witness...habitual in form and function
More extasy...pure lunacy
Don't wanna talk...just roll with me

Night after night after day after day after week after week
I can not remember
The way that we cling on to a dream
Like reality is so much greater

Splayed Out/Played Out x8

Verse 2:
Reach through me...pull out nothing but a handful of smoke
My true me...breaks love because love is a joke
Ever creeping...never sleeping
I'll tie you down...leave you weeping

Find time for me, and I'll find you
Honor to the devil
Wavelengths that shift from red to blue
On and to the level
I see it written on your face
Falling farther faster
That you could take another place
On and to disaster
Fall down on your knees, first in careless rapture
Oh no brother please, just another fracture
I'm not alone